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Sailing association

1. Fill out and complete the appropriate liability release form i.e. Youth or Adult.

2. Schedule a competency test by calling or emailing Kelly Arrindell, 843.216.8450

3. Once you pass the On The Water Competency Test, you must pay your dues on our online marketplace.

Membership Full Year /Half Year

Community- $720/ $455

CofC Faculty/ Staff/Alumni- $635/ $415

Current CofC Student- $365/ $280

Family Membership- Add $100/ Add $60 (No guest fee for family and multiple skippers may be on the account)

Monthly- $260

There is a fee of $5 per guest per sail for members that wish to bring along non-members (No guest fee for family with the Family Membership) and there is a $100.00 grounding fee. Active military and seniors (over 65) qualify for a 10% discount on all membership types; use promotion code SMFS16 when completing online checkout via marketplace. (Note, please schedule a Check Sail prior to paying for your membership.)

Allows you access to our j22 ‘Club Sails’ (3/4 size sails)
Must pass competencies test , which include demonstrating the following skills:
-Rigging a J22 (Club Sails)
-Identify proper safety equipment required for sailing.
-Points of Sail with proper sail trim
-How to get in and out of Irons
-Gybing (controlled)
-Heading up and falling off
-De-powering under sail.
-Identify the Channel
-Right of Way Rules
– Man-over board recovery (Preferably ‘Figure 8 Recovery‘)
-Demonstrate proper VHF use

Allows you access to our j22 ‘Full Size Sails’
Must pass competencies test , which include demonstrating the following skills:
-Rigging the Full Sails
-Depowering the boats by using the proper sail controls

Allows you access to our j22 ‘Spinnaker’
Must pass competencies test , which include demonstrating the following skills:

-Rigging the Spinnaker
-Demonstrate hoisting the Spinnaker
-Gybing the Spinnaker
-Dousing the Spinnaker
-Packing the kite

Normal Hours of Operation:
Wednesday – Sunday, 10 am – 6 pm (summer)

Wednesday – Sunday, 10 am – 5 pm (winter)

Closed for Christmas break December 21st- January 3rd. We will reopen for members on January 4th 2023.

Spring 2024 Updates

Summer Camps and Basic Adult Classes have been posted and are live for registration now!

Get your College of Charleston Sailing Apparel on our MarketPlace website. We have hats, visors, burgees and more available now for purchase!

Sailing with a view

It’s the perfect spot for mingling , relaxing and taking in a gorgeous view of the city all while doing what you love, sailing. Don’t forget to bring your life jacket!

meet up

The J. Stewart Walker Jr. Sailing Center Complex is a picturesque and perfect spot for socializing with your fellow team-mates, friends or tuning out the modern world entirely by unwinding with a relaxing sail in Charleston Harbor.


Home to the Charleston Cougars, where else can you learn to sail like a National Champion? Be sure to stop by to see what our beautiful sailing facility has to offer.